Wonderfall Philosophy

Relax, cuisine, waterfall.

Finding your inner balance is a delicate task that is exercised through the care of the body and mind. The SPA Wonderfall Chalet is built around the original meaning of the latin “Salus Per Aquam”. You can access the outdoor SPA soak in the soothing waters of our Norvegian SPA - six places or in Siberian cedar Sauna for 10 people or relax in the Siberian capsules with steam aromatherapy. Inside you will find a cosy herbal sauna for 5 people and a luxury lounge area, where guests can relax after a draining massage. Finally, you can go to sessions designed personally for you by our Yoga teacher. The relaxation will allow you to return to harmony with nature accompanied by the soothing sound of the waterfall next to the chalet.



Let yourself become involved with natural and organic products of the forest and the mountains that surround you. You can feel like a child enjoying the flavours of our delicate fairy-tale marmel- late made of freshly picked raspberries or strawberries. All are proposed by our dedicated com- pany “La Cascata del Gusto”. You will be served the famous Piedmontese cheeses, produced in the pastures above the chalet. Our kitchen will be designed around your tastes and needs. We can offer you personalized diet menu without making you give up the pleasure of savoring the special meat of native Fassone accompanied by famous Piedmontese wines, selected for you from the best wineries of Barolo and Nebbiolo.

The seasonal menu will give you the pleasure to discover the most genuine flavors, with surprises that will thrill you at every meal.



WonderfallChalet - Your four seasons private chalet