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Limone Piemonte

The contours of the history of Limone, Piemonte sink into the half-light of an era, ancient traces can be found in the rock engravings in the nearby Valle delle Meraviglie (Valley of Wonders). It was primitive men that gave life to these engravings, symbolic illusions of a world now lost. The history of Limone Piemonte, took form, successively witnessing the Roman presence materialize, proven by the road Augustea that still silently climbs up to slopes of Col di Tenda. Thanks to this road, Limone Piemonte was able to grow and develop, on both social and economic levels, and, in time, become an important mountain center connection between Piedmont and Nice. It is this road that would make Limone Piemonte’s fortunes, becoming a stopover in the Middle Ages for caravans from Savoy, situated on one side of the Alps, to the other. From the end of the nineteenth century, the tunnel route and railway connection between Piedmont and the French Riviera helped Limone become a prestigious tourist location. The next step was to become a top ski resort.

This dream became reality with the birth of the first “ski lift” in Italy. Once important names from entertainment, economy, politics and sport decided to meet, it didn’t take long for Limone Piemonte to reach the first place in the hit parade of ski resorts in the Alpine region, hosting the Italian Championships, the Female Alpine Ski World Cup and, in 2006, a competition of the Turin Winter Olympics.




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